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In general, it’s easy to conclude that Santana buries something of an inferiority complex when it comes to Queen Fabray, and pairing that in conjunction with Santana’s permanent Second-Best status, it fosters a fascinating, and largely unexplored dynamic. It’s so fitting that Santana’s first solo graced our ears not because of an actual Santana plotline, but rather as a result of her prowling on the main character’s love interest for reasons we didn’t really grasp. Or was she just waiting for the opportune moment to cause destruction with a well-timed truth bomb? The writers didn’t.) What do the writers want us to understand about Santana’s feelings towards Finn - if anything? And then there’s her pointed flirtation with Finn in “Special Education” - was that real, or just to mess with Rachel?Basically, within the construct of the narrative, Santana is often portrayed to be cut from similar fabric as Quinn - generally manipulative and scheming to meet her needs. (I can’t take the Madonna-inspired younger-guy-theory seriously because a - it was only weakly used to tie the actions into the theme of the episode, and b - they explicitly stated that Finn is three days younger than Santana, which solidifies it more as a joke than anything else.) Despite the fact that Santana takes every opportunity to insult Finn (it is exhausting to look at him, after all, even if you can jiggle his man-boobs), the show stubbornly kept Santana floating in Finn’s romantic periphery from “Hell-O” all the way until “Special Education,” when the truth of their tryst finally came out. Yes, she brutally insults him, but there’s also the evidence in “Furt” that suggests she feels something towards Finn. Neither seem to fit entirely, and more than anything the moment reeked of plot device, so that we could feel bad for Rachel and root for Finn to choose her instead.Consider for a moment, Santana’s assumed silence in the wake of Puck and Quinn’s one night stand.

Earlier in this piece, I discussed the notion that Santana has historically been treated in the role of jester, as a supporting character who exists only to crack jokes and cause problems.

It’s because of this trend that it becomes difficult to examine Santana’s onscreen relationships and draw informed conclusions about them.

The first person Santana was truly introduced in conjunction with was Puck.

Assumedly, they were dating at the time of “Acafellas,” when Mercedes longingly witnessed them kissing in the hallways.

Santana and Puck's relationship is essentially an echo, the intangible reverberation of something we never heard in the first place, and the evidence of which is growing fainter - but still repeating.

Perhaps even more nebulous than her relationship with Puck is Santana’s relationship with Quinn, largely because the show originally designed them as friends, but in practice they operate primarily in opposition - and yet we hardly see them interact.

Especially now that Puck and Santana are developing into their own actual relationship storylines, it forces us to look back and question what was different with their early romantic interactions as opposed to now.

Will we ever understand what Santana feels, or felt, towards Puck?

Each of her male romantic interests has either left her for Quinn, or had Quinn first.

The writers even go so far as to include Quinn in one of Santana’s alcohol-induced hysterics, having Santana weep at Sam about how he must like Quinn more than her because “she’s blonde and she’s awesome and so smart.” There’s clearly an interesting dynamic between Quinn and Santana, that speaks heavily to loyalty, power, and envy.

Or, is it because it was Quinn versus Lauren or Mercedes, and what does that say about how Santana views Quinn?