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For one thing, we’re now living in a post-Weinstein world.For another, journalists, publishers, and LGBT advocates have started to change the way they take on the thorny issue of “outing.”Though it’s a concept that goes a long way back, the word “outing” was brought into popular use by Time magazine’s cultural critic William A.

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“Fag” gets used as a sentimental (if not somewhat self-effacing) term of endearment rather than a hateful slur.

actor Anthony Rapp alleged that when he was 14 years old, Kevin Spacey assaulted him at a party at his apartment in Manhattan.

Henry III, in a piece arguing against the practice in 1990.

There’s never been a grand consensus on what counts as outing, and whether it’s ever justified as newsworthy.

But the journalist felt he couldn’t share his account at the time, because Spacey wasn’t out as gay.

“I consider that a pretty important principle: You don't out people,” he told Buzz Feed News. Being closeted has for him enabled him to use this privacy claim as a shield against anybody looking closely at his actual behavior.”The journalist’s interview would have occurred around the same time the Advocate redacted Spacey’s name from Rapp’s story. Quite a lot, it turns out — and even more so in the 31 years since Rapp’s experience with Spacey.

Apparently, that standard also stretched to reporting on alleged same-sex sexual abuse.

And as it’s now come to light, as Buzz Feed News reported last week, Spacey seemingly used the media’s fear of outing him to his advantage — to silence his victims.

Back in 2001, actor and singer Anthony Rapp and writer Dennis Hensley got together for coffee in Union Square to discuss their respective new albums for the Advocate.

Both openly gay, the conversation turned to whether they’d ever considered not being out in their careers.

The Advocate had also developed a “no outing” policy before Steele began working there, and when he arrived, “we stuck to it,” including with Spacey — who had long since occupied the glass closet, but was not yet formally out.