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However, I was guilty, along with many others, of laughing at the story of the "foolish archaeologists" who were finding the dates of early man at hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Americas.

About three years ago, this gentleman passed on to that "big dig in the sky where all archaeologists go." When that happened, it was once again a subject that could be talked about in the archaeological world.

We began doing interviews with different people that were related to the site or to the area at that time, We found archaeologists who now are very famous, but who were students then. In fact, he had found no artifacts whatsoever, and had a barren dig at the site.

However, there was nothing I could do till years later.

By a very happy circumstance, I was brought to meet Virginia Steen-Mc Intyre.

Many things are happening with this site, which have not been reported in other magazines such as "the Ancient American." We would like to report some of these events to our readers at this time. We consider Virginia to be a very good friend of ours, and have helped channel some of the financing that she needed to complete her work more recently.

Hueyatlaco was excavated at first by an archaeologist by the name of Cynthia Williams. We will not attempt here to cover ground which she has already covered in her articles.Once "Dagwood" had stopped the excavations at the Hueyatlaco site, he realized that he was not finished.He realized that he had to control more information and more knowledge.But one member of the team would have nothing to do with it.The other members reluctantly agreed, knowing that their jobs were "on the line." One single member stood her ground. Virginia would go on to carry the torch for years, trying to force the truth to come out."Dagwood" not only controlled what archaeology and what sites were excavated, but also controlled what was published about them.