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Sharing messages privately is one of the core communication tools of this software.

The site members can use a built-in messaging system called Mailbox for sending messages to the concerned recipients without letting other members know about it.

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This cool feature/module enables the administrator to allow the users to add custom RSS feeds.

This helps in displaying some most interesting posts from profiles.

The Industry-typical plan differs completely because its price varies as per your selection of basic packages with add-ons and premium solutions.

It does not include the basic features that the other two plans come with, which include all Dolphin modules, lifetime updates, and no branding.

As compared to the previous versions of the software, the new version features a better design and clear structure.

The menu system is much better now making itself easier for users to navigate and search stuff.At the time of writing this review there are more than 300 items in the market for users to select from. One of the coolest features of Dolphin is the online store that allows uploading products and selling them.The site members collect payments, which means the sellers directly communicates with their customers.There are three plans on offer namely, Standard, Industry-typical, and Prime.Each of these plans differs in terms of price and features.The new Dolphin interface looks quite similar to Boonex.