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I use this tape so I can re-use the same pads for a year.

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Now to understand where to place the TENS pads, you need to understand how they work.The positive or red end sends a pulse of electricity to the negitive or black end.There are very different sensations felt on from red and black ends.You will want to place the black ends where you want the most sensation to be felt.This won't physically hurt you, but omg it gets you attention.

Well now you need to know how to use the TENS unit.

Slave punishment: Black end on the right nipple, red end on the left nipple. Play with yourself or the Sub until they orgasm, very shortly after they orgasm they will be shocked by the TENS unit which will both hurt and deepen the orgasm.

It is good to know what the Sub's TENS settings tend to be when they normally orgasm and to set it to those settings.

Red end on one side of the clit just below the first pair, black end on the other.

BSDM armpit fun: Black end on one armpit, right end on other.

Ok, so with the bad places out of the way, lets go over some fun places to use the TENS unit.