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And that is why they have a hard time coming up with a good name.Spend at least half an hour reflecting on what you’ll blog about, your tone, your direction and most of all, your audience.

At any given time, the archived tapes were available to 10 or more ring members, documents say.

According to documents, the defendants used a sophisticated process known as “capping” to first lure their victims and then manipulate them into unwittingly performing in what would become pornographic videos.

The first thing you should do is to make a list of words that are related to you and your blog. Think about what makes you unique, what makes your content different from all the other life stories out there, and why people would want to read your blog.

This is the most important part of blog naming, and unfortunately, most people don’t give it the attention it needs.

Calif, a stranger with a past walks into Spooner, Missouri on his way from Michigan to California. See full summary » Ruthless narcotics dealer and white slavery ring leader Olga keeps her harem of girls in line by hooking them on addictive drugs.

Olga suspects an informant in their midst and uses various brutal methods of torture to weed out the squealer.

Next, go through the list of blog names, domains and URLs below.

Now take your time and do some deep thinking to plan out your blog properly.

Now, three members of the ring appear headed to prison.

Dane William Anderson, Mark Christopher Klein and Samuel Heineman were part of a ring of sex predators who operated between 20, court documents say.

Before their arrests, several of the defendants helped produce a vast online archive of sexually explicit tapes involving hundreds of unsuspecting young men, according to prosecutors and an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.